Gigiri is one of the most important & popular areas for expats in Kenya primarily because of its central location – in close proximity to the city, several foreign missions and a number of Embassies –among other factors. Despite being a small 265-acre neighborhood, Gigiri still has a very eclectic feel with a variety of international restaurants, a plethora of shopping centers, hotels & apartments, health and beauty services as well as many other amenities. Village Market arts, entertainment, and dining enclave is within walking distance of whichever shop, restaurant or apartment you are coming from in Gigiri. This why we believe Gigiri is awesome;


  1. Security

Security officers standing guard at the gate of the US embassy in Gigiri

Gigiri is a highly acclaimed secure neighborhood that now serves as a principal diplomatic region in Kenya. The neighborhood is home to the United Nations African headquarters & the US embassy to Kenya. United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) also has its Global headquarters in this neighborhood. This calls for much more specialized high-end security systems and personnel to man the different foreign mission centers, embassies, hotels, malls & HQ offices. The neighborhood is a safe place to live and even for children to grow up in and has excellent education and healthcare systems. Gigiri police station is also a stone’s throw away from the key landmarks.


  1. Amenities

Kids playing at Gigiri Montesorri School

Gigiri puts you in proximity to some very good schools and a wide range of housing options including high-quality HDBs, condos, bungalows, and landed houses – so you can choose the style of living that is right for you.  There is quite a number of Shopping hubs, hotels, high-end apartments and international chain restaurants like Subway and Domino’s Pizza plus a great range of African Restaurants, cafes & Coffee shops!


  1. Accessibility

Limuru Rd that leads to Gigiri

Gigiri neighborhood is perfect for people who want the convenience of being 15 minutes away from the city center but do not want to live amongst the concrete jungle of skyscrapers.  It is only 10 kilometers north of Nairobi’s CBD. Sometimes the traffic can get hectic along Limuru rd but with proper timing, you can get to or from a town within 15 minutes of driving.


  1. Entertainment & Fun

Village Market, an entertainment and dining enclave is within walking distance of whichever shop, restaurant or apartment you are coming from. It is also a unique shopping and recreation center with just about anything from International dining spots, over 35 retail shops for your shopping needs, curio markets, health and fitness centers & world class hotels.


Let us know in the comments why you love – or hate Gigiri.