To spice up your stay at our hotel, we’ve put together a selection of the most unique, inspiring and incredible places to eat in Gigiri! From simple local cuisines to specialized international cuisines, you’ll find all the inspiration you need to make your next meal experience memorable.

  1. The Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant

The Lord Errol Restaurant is a multiple award-winning French and gourmet restaurant located in Gigiri neighborhoods, Nairobi.  Featuring a colonial architecture with a luxurious culinary offering, the restaurant presents an array of alfresco seating areas to choose from, each overlooking a different façade of the dazzling green gardens complete with magical ornate waterfalls, streams, and ponds.  The interior of the restaurant is divided into several themed large rooms, including a classic cigar bar, formal dining, and extended patio setting with shutters. Located about one and a half mile away from Tara Suites, this restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best places for a whiskey complimented conversation, tea at noon, a light lunch, or a steak dinner.

  1. The Mediterraneo Restaurant

Situated 700M from Tara Suites, the Mediterraneo Restaurant is an Italian Restaurant that serves traditional Italian cuisines, delicious cocktails, a large selection of premium Italian wines. The restaurant is a perfect spot for a relaxed late lunch outdoors and lively group celebrations.  The restaurant features a small garden with sculptures and evocative Italian atmosphere. Having been offering Nairobi’s finest Italian cuisines for the last 15 years, the Mediterraneo is undoubtedly one of Gigiri’s favorite.



  1. The Big Square Restaurant

Big Square is a trendy, young, lively and unique restaurant that specializes in casual dining. The Menu at Big Square is impressively diverse, and everyone should be able to find something to their liking. They offer locally sourced servings, Square-made burgers, beer, wine and BBQ ribs, delicious desserts, fried chicken, and hand-spun. Located about 800M from Tara Suites, the Big Square’s indoor setting allows you to dine, chill & relax or just keep working on your most important projects. The restaurant features a nice ideal setting with playroom for kids and designated smoking zone.

  1. Habesha Restaurant


If you would like to try some Ethiopian Cuisines within Gigiri, then Habesha Restaurant is your best bet. The restaurant offers a wide range of traditional, hearty Ethiopian & Eritrean cuisines served in the homely atmosphere along the UN Avenue. They have maintained unparalleled meal experiences of authentic, delicious and affordable Ethiopian cuisines in a welcoming setting that represents the true Spirit of Ethiopia.


  1. Pan Asian Yao (Emerald Gardens)

Indulge in a culinary fusion philosophy of South-East Asia. Featuring fresh ingredients, handcrafted dishes, and spice, the meals at Pan Asian Yao come together in sharing style dishes. This restaurant seems to understand that the meal experience is just as important as the flavor of the meals. The owners of this establishment have put a twist on this and now serve the meals on a tray that displays all the various flavors and colors for all.


  1. Java Coffee House Gigiri

Java House Gigiri is one of the best places to go out and unwind after a week of hard work and lots of pressure. Whether it’s a cup of coffee you’re craving for, juicy burgers and fries or a freshly made salad, there seems to be something for everyone at Java.

This outlet is very strategically situated at a petrol station along Limuru Rd, approximately 1km from Tara Suites. Java House chain of coffee bistro restaurants has been exceptional and have always managed to maintain their standards across all their outlets in Kenya & beyond.

  1. Taste of Africa

If you are going to try out some African Cuisines, then you might as well dine in an African restaurant. Located inside the Village Market – 1km from Tara suites –Taste of Africa serves a long list of East African menu from staple ugali, irio, chapatti to sukumawiki. This restaurant is one of the few places in Gigiri that allows you to enjoy to fully embrace the Kenyan /African culinary experience.